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We collaborate with all Spaces so that you can find the best place to work: by the hour, o 
one or a space for a meeting room or a space for training, events, team buildings, etc.

Freelancers & Self-employed


Digital Nomads

Remote Workers



1] Work by hours

  • Work by hours from well-equipped spaces in different cities for a single fee.
  • Meet other professionals when you book your place. You can see their profession and if they are looking for projects or collaborations.

2] Meeting Rooms & Spaces for rent

  • Find a meeting room or rent a space to organise any type of event: trainings, workshops, team buildings, meetings, etc.
  • Choose the material or extra services you need: projector, TV, microphones, catering, etc.

We are like you: nomads, innovators, dreamers and creatives
We adapt so that you can work having the life you want.

· At YADO, we understand what you need like no one else.

· We make it easy for you to work the way you want to work.

· Our support service is unique and personalised to you.

Benefits of being a YADER

[1] Most attractive prices on the market.

[2] Increases motivation and productivity.

[3] Get in touch with other users and companies.

[4] You can work from anywhere in the city.

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